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Just-Dice Review

Just-Dice can be described well in one word: legendary. Just-Dice, better known as JD, has been around since the very beginning of Bitcoin gambling. Launched in June 2013, JD is one of the casinos that started it all. Bitcoin was the coin that Just-Dice ran on up until late 2014 when the casino was forced to switch over to an alt-coin: CLAM.

Playing Just-Dice is never a dull experience. In fact, it’s the ideal casino for casual and social play. The website and betting system is great and well-built. Bet speeds are always a plus when playing. Even when servers are packed, your rolls come out swiftly at all times. Beyond that, JD offers special features that no other casino offers such as intentional roll lag to increase suspense. The top betting area includes several other buttons such as increasing your chance by +1%, of which all are accessible via the keyboard betting. Holding down either “H” for High, or “L” for Low rapidly bets multiple times per second at a fast pace. As well, live stats for the player and the site are viewable at all times.


Many choose Just-Dice over any other because of the trustworthiness. JD is well known for having very strong integrity and trustworthiness. The satisfaction of knowing your roll is coming out fair makes the experience much more enjoyable. In 2014, when Just-Dice was temporarily shut-down due to Canadian laws, the administrator Dooglus refused to sell the site, even in the face of large offers, due to the fact that it is too trusted and that trust could be easily abused.

Financials’s financials are not just satisfactory or above average. The bankroll soars like a skyscraper high above all other sites. Just-Dice is ranked as the current second largest publicly-funded casino, holding $700,000+ USD. Just-Dice’s maximum win is also jawdropping, offering $170,000 to be won in a single bet at any time. Having run on an alt-coin and not Bitcoin itself, these numbers astonish any and all visitors and is another reason to play on Just-Dice.


Rolling the dice is only half the fun. The community at Just-Dice makes your experience considerably better. The chat is always an active and friendly place to be. JD is also lucky to have a very devoted, intelligent, and trustworthy admin: Dooglus. Not only is Dooglus a great administrator, but is also active on the forums proving his skills over and over.

Personal Opinion

Just-Dice is a classic for a reason. The reason is simply because the website has little to no flaws. Betting is abundant in features, the community is friendly and entertaining, the system is trusted, and the casino offers a brilliant investment option. I personally give Just-Dice an A+ and the reasons I listed above are reasons why I take the time to convert my Bitcoins to CLAM and play on Just-Dice. In the end the fun is what you’re coming for, and when you come to Just-Dice you will always leave, win or lose, knowing your time was worth it.

Betting doesn’t just meet the gambler’s standards, but goes above and beyond with features that no other casinos offer. The community is like no other. The trustworthiness is a huge positive side for those with concerns about the back-end they never see. Financials soar way over all other competing numbers it goes against, having the second largest bankroll, and 2nd largest possible win amount in USD. Investing is a win/win, being profitable betting wise, but also when staking CLAMs. Speaking in general, JD is a near-perfect casino that has no areas to improve, and has proven itself for nearly 2 years now. Whether you’re playing, investing, or just coming to have a fun time on chat, JD is always a very good option.

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June 2013

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Just-Dice does not offer any provably fair games

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Published by Nick Hawke

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Nick is the CEO and founder of The Bitcoin Strip and has reviewed and written about Bitcoin casinos, sportsbooks and poker rooms for 9 years. He first entered the Bitcoin gambling market in 2011 following a widespread closure of poker rooms in the US.

Last updated by Jen Van Lier on June 2, 2017

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As website manager, Jen contributes reviews and updates to The Bitcoin Strip on a daily basis. Jen worked in the casino industry for 9 years before focusing on Bitcoin in 2016. She writes on subjects ranging from traditional slots all the way through to unique Bitcoin games, provable fairness and Ethereum smart contract gambling.

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