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Woman And Online Casino: An Overview

Woman And Online Casino: An Overview

For decades gambling has been synonymous with men, and in the past, casinos often aimed their marketing solely at a male audience. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and the creation of global online casinos, women have become more prominent in the gambling industry. The ever-increasing ease of gamble online has attracted many women to try their luck at slots, online table games, and sports betting. A study conducted in 2020 saw that up to 40% of active players in online casinos were women, with the largest portion of these living in Sweden.

As women become more prominent in the online gambling sphere, we are seeing a shift in their gameplay, albeit somewhat small, from things like bingo and slot games to Poker and Sports betting. This shift has been largely due to the fact that casinos are now focusing more on creating gender-neutral brands, adverts, and casino atmospheres for their players. While women can now have easier access to online gambling and are captivated by the gender-neutral marketing strategies used by casinos, women still face some issues on these gambling platforms. Here is what is happening and how casinos handle it.

Misogyny In Online Gambling

Throughout the history of gambling and with the more recent emergence of online gambling, women have often experienced various forms of abuse and sexism when partaking in these activities. There has often been a stigma attached to women gamblers as it is still seen as a predominantly male activity by society. Even though marketing strategies have changed to include and entice women to gamble online, they are still seen by some in a negative light should they choose to do it.

When gambling online, playing only slots is limiting, and there is an increasing rise in the number of women who choose to venture into playing table games. When doing so, they will see that they can now interact with other players through chat windows. While these interactions with other players are often linked to good experiences, there are also some women that have reported experiencing abuse and forms of sexism. This also filters onto other online platforms like social media and casino forums. Women have often experienced belittling, rude and sexual comments from their male (and sometimes female) counterparts while playing online and on the platforms mentioned above. This makes for an incredibly upsetting and uncomfortable environment for women, whereas it should be safe. Having strangers (or even people you know) throwing random sexist and sexually related comments at you online is not something that is synonymous with fun. These offenses have been even more widely felt by women that play multiplayer games online as this type of gaming goes hand in hand with direct communication with others.

While abuse and sexism online are a harsh reality, there are ways for women gamblers to limit or even zero their chances of having such experiences. Online casinos are doing an incredible job securing the safety of their players with regards to these factors and making a safe environment for all to gamble.

is misogyny in the online bitcoin casino world a real thing

Safety From Sexism And Abuse In Online Gambling 

The topic of abuse against women in online gaming these days is far more prevalent in the scene of multiplayer or role-playing games than it is in online gambling. The great news is that women who choose to gamble online are far safer than you think! Online casinos have geared their marketing towards making themselves more open and attractive to the female market and aided the safety of ALL their players against verbal abuse and sexism by applying the aspect of complete anonymity. When creating an account on a legitimate online casino site, the player is guaranteed anonymity which is upheld through rules and regulations set out by gambling commissions. This is why many women have sought to gamble online. When creating an online account and playing things like slots, one can feel assured that they don’t interact with other players.

Women that choose to play slots online will never have to interact with other players because the casinos do not have features in their slots that allow this. Simply put, they couldn’t interact with others even if they chose to. Casino customers will never be given any private information about their fellow casino players, restricting the risk of people finding others on and outside the casino platform. Should women feel that they would like to try their luck at table games, live or computer-generated, they will never have to interact with others playing with them as there is always an option to block or close chat windows in such games. Some casinos will offer a chance for players to interact within features of games like Monopoly during the wheel rounds, but, once again, it is by choice, and a player is not forced to have the chat window active should they not want it to be.

It is important to note that casinos take any form of abuse online very seriously. Should anyone feel that they are being abused while using online casino services, they should immediately report the abuse to the casino. The casinos will often take immediate action against the abuser and ensure that they are permanently banned from using the site again. Should a casino not take the appropriate action, players can also contact the gambling commissions from their jurisdiction and report it. 

Sexism in online BTC casinos is a real problem


The widespread abuse felt by women in the gaming industry has often led women to think twice about gambling at online casinos out of fear for the same experience. However, online abuse experienced by women gamblers is thankfully not as prevalent as it is in other online gaming. Women should feel secure knowing that online casinos offer anonymity to all their players and are efficient in dealing with any abusers minimizing the threat of abuse. Women, now more than ever, are free to gamble with ease and can experience the same thrill of gambling as their male counterparts in peace!

Last updated by Jen Van Lier on July 22, 2021

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As website manager, Jen contributes reviews and updates to The Bitcoin Strip on a daily basis. Jen worked in the casino industry for 9 years before focusing on Bitcoin in 2016. She writes on subjects ranging from traditional slots all the way through to unique Bitcoin games, provable fairness and Ethereum smart contract gambling.

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