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Ultimate Soccer World Cup Guide For Sports Bettors

Ultimate Soccer World Cup Guide For Sports Bettors

The soccer world cup is one of the most watched sporting events worldwide, with 32 countries competing to take the title. The event is highly prestigious, attracting top players, spectators, and bettors. 

One of the most significant soccer events is quickly approaching, and if you still need to get your ducks in a row, look no further because The Bitcoin Strip has compiled the ultimate soccer world cup guide for all players. 

The FIFA Soccer World Cup

Hosted every four years, the soccer world cup is an experience everyone should get involved in. With the first event kicking off in 1930, this tournament has grown from strength to strength. Currently, 32 teams are competing. However, that number will be upped to 48 in 2026. 

The soccer world cup aims to determine the top team in the sport. All teams will be placed in pools, and with each game, the losing side will be eliminated, eventually leaving you with the top two teams, who will battle it out for the trophy, and title! 

In the years since the soccer world cup started, the momentum continued to grow, with a whopping 3.262 billion people watching the games in 2018. That’s half of the world’s population!

Since 1998, when the team count was up to 32 from 24, the number of matches hosted in the event has been 64. 

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Where Is The Soccer World Cup Being Hosted?

The FIFA soccer world cup is hosted every four years, and the next hosting country will be announced at the final of each tournament. To be granted the title of the host, the country is guaranteed the advantage of increased tourism, a boost in the economy and the enjoyment of the football community. 

As for the 2022 FIFA soccer world cup, it is being hosted in Qatar. The action kicks off on the 20th of November and will continue until the 18th of December.

Past Winners Of The Soccer World Cup

The FIFA soccer world cup has hosted 21 tournaments, with many more to come. The event has continued to grow, with the next event hosting 16 more teams than the previous 6 world cups. 

When it comes to sports betting, to know what team holds the best odds, you would need to look at previous match results, as well as previous performances in soccer world cups. To help you to back the right team, here is the 10 previous winners of the soccer world cup:

  • Soccer world cup, hosted in Russia in 2018. 

Winner: France. Runner Up: Croatia.

  • Soccer world cup, hosted in Brazil in 2014. 

Winner: Germany. Runner Up: Argentina.

  • Soccer world cup, hosted in South Africa in 2010. 

Winner: Spain. Runner Up: Netherlands

  • Soccer world cup, hosted in Germany in 2006. 

Winner: Italy. Runner Up: France

  • Soccer world cup, hosted in Japan in 2002. 

Winner: Brazil. Runner Up: Germany

  • Soccer world cup, hosted in France in 1998. 

Winner: France. Runner Up: Brazil

  • Soccer world cup, hosted in the United States in 1994. 

Winner: Brazil. Runner Up: Italy 

  • Soccer world cup, hosted in Italy in 1990. 

Winner: Germany. Runner Up: Argentina 

Betting On The Soccer World Cup

It’s important to know the way the tournament is played when betting. Unlike the classic events like the Premier League or Major League Soccer, the FIFA world cup is an event with 32 teams randomly drawn into 8 groups of 4 teams per pool. This is similar to the working of the UEFA Champions League. However, unlike in the UEFA Champions League, all four teams will face off against each other. 

Despite minor workings being different, the point system is the same. For a win, a team will receive 3 points. A loss results in 0 points, and a draw will reward each participating team with 1 point each. 

To determine who progresses to the next round, the points will be tallied once all teams in the pool have competed against each other. The teams with the most points will then advance to the next stage, known as the knockout stage. 

The only rule that applies to these pools is that only two teams from Europe can compete in the same group and no more than 1 from other represented confederations

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Who Will WIn The World Cup?

Although it is too soon to make the call on the soccer world cup winners, based on past results and the teams’ performance in the months building up to the event, there are a couple of favorites. Currently, the favorites are tied, with the top two teams being France and Brazil.

Pick A Team And Place Wagers

The soccer world cup is the ultimate sports betting experience, offering huge payouts, easy betting, and immaculate entertainment. Pick the team you want and make your move to pocket profits with some of our betting partners


Last updated by Jen Van Lier on September 12, 2022

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