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The Best NFT Calendars and How To Best Utilize Them

The Best NFT Calendars and How To Best Utilize Them

The crypto landscape has drastically expanded, increasing the complexity of the industry. The most recent sector to gain traffic has been NFTs, which has seen mass adoption implemented since 2021. A contributing factor to this is the introduction of the Metaverse, brought to reality by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg.

Proof of the potential lies in the pudding, and in December of 2021 alone, the NFT market saw sales worth 19 billion US dollars which were up 29% from the month of November. Out of that 29% increase in sales, 57% of those were primary sales, showing the endorsement the industry is experiencing. 

The market behavior implies that currently, the industry is being used for quick profits but shows signs of long-term gain as well. Currently, most investors are buying early and selling quickly to make money, which leaves the question, can the NFT project survive the ever-growing opportunities of the crypto ecosystem.

With so many questions when it comes to the crypto market and the longevity of each avenue, it’s essential to pick your investments wisely. With NFTs being the current hot trend, let’s take a deeper look at how to manage it best using the best NFT calendars.

What Is An NFT Calendar?

The NFT world is booming, and as the demand increases, so does the pace. With the crypto revolution expanding, the sheer size of the industry is set to grow at a drastic rate. With that in mind, it’s essential to manage your investments by keeping good command over your industry knowledge. 

To add to their piece of the pie, many market experts have gone the extra mile to allow for easy access and understanding of the industry by designing and releasing informative NFT calendars. The NFT calendars help those interested stay on top of the newest drops, events, high-profit releases. 

The NFT Calendars act as a supporting factor for the creators in the industry to help contribute value to the development of the crypto landscape. Another benefit of the NFT calendars online is that majority are free, and creators can add their drop or release without any hassle. 

These NFT platforms provide huge amounts of industry opportunity and knowledge, helping users with all the information they need to proceed. Most NFT calendar sites offer access to clarity on minting, selling, or promoting your own non-fungible token.

how to use nft calendars

The Best NFT Calendars

The internet is loaded with options when it comes to both NFTs and cryptocurrencies, proving the success of the digital realm of finance. With so many NFTs to choose from, along with the possibility of anyone creating their own NFT, the market is incredibly active, making NFT calendars essential. 

Just like every other offer online, there are plenty of NFT calendars to choose from. The quality of the calendar comes down to the design and level of inclusivity it provides. Although there is a huge range of NFTs coming onto the market, it’s essential to have access to a broad budget bracket to allow for the most opportunity. 

The Best NFT Calendars online:

  • Benzinga
  • Business To Community
  • NFT Eventing
  • NFTdropscalendar 

How to create an NFT art

NFTs in the art of tokenizing or minting digital art on the blockchain system in the form of JPG, GIF, or GIF. With the option to explore the online landscape as a creator gives people a larger market to succeed. The digital token potential has skyrocketed, making the value of the venture that much more rewarding. 

For those interested in getting creative, and stepping into the space in a more hands-on fashion, here are steps to the non-fungible token creation process for OpenSea, a top NFT marketplace.

  • Register an account on the marketplace: Set up an account on the marketplace and set up your Ethereum wallet optimal money management for holding the NFT along with profits of sales made. 
  • Upload your NFT file: Once you have your NFT designed, it’s time to upload the content as a digital asset on a platform called InterPlanetary File System (IPFS).
  • Mint Your NFT: The next step is mapping your token and generating a unique cryptographic signature that guarantees legitimacy on the blockchain. 
  • List your new NFT: List your NFT and be sure to set the minimum acceptable price along with the duration of the auction. Now that you have your NFT listed, the next battle to tackle is marketing to ensure success. 

NFT art is an ever changing landscape

Make Your NFT Journey Successful

The crypto landscape is ever-evolving, and the newest craze is NFTs. With NFT calendars popping up, users now have the perfect opportunity to keep control of the market and take up the next biggest way to make a profit online. Take a look at the best NFT calendars above to ensure the best command over the market.

Last updated by Jen Van Lier on February 21, 2022

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