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The Best Crypto to Buy Now During a Bear Market

The Best Crypto to Buy Now During a Bear Market

Cryptocurrency is a versatile industry that experiences high fluctuations all the time. You may buy crypto today expecting to sell it at a profit tomorrow, but things change overnight. Making cryptocurrency investments highly volatile.

However, that should not be an excuse for shying away from investing in crypto as it is widely believed to be the future of financial transactions. 

Here is a list of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies in a bear market. Therefore, you can choose one crypto to buy now

Top Cryptos to Buy Now in the Bear Market 


By the end of May 2022, EverGrow saw a 40% price increase from $0.00000025 to $0.000000358 on the DigiFinex exchange. The hyper deflationary token works with a frictionless, autonomous, and liquidity generation protocol. You can purchase the $EGC tokens and place them in your wallet to earn a passive income in Binance pegged USD. 

Usually, when you buy, sell, or transfer using EverGrow in Binance pegged USD, you stand a chance to get an 8% reward. Therefore, you can utilize this opportunity because there are strategies coming up to reduce the supply of this blockchain. Thus, the EverGrow token will be more valuable soon.

Evergrow cryptocasino is a good buy in a bearish market


Ethereum is one of the most popular layer-1 cryptocurrencies in the world today. Despite the market, it can bear the fluctuations and bring in profits to investors. Besides, its platform hosts thousands of DApps and is worth $385 billion in market value, second after Bitcoin. Therefore, Ethereum is a crypto to buy now because its market is currently favorable, and you can sell it for profits in the coming months.

By the middle of 2022, this crypto will be one of the best in the bear market. This is because there will be a significant makeover of its technology. Besides, it will switch its network from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake. As a result, users will enjoy a considerable gas price reduction and increased scalability. Also, the Ethereum 2.0 network will be complete by June 2022, according to developers. This significant update may help Ethereum investors reap bountifully. 

Ethereum, the best alternative to BTC, is a great crypto in a bearish market


TRON is another crypto to buy now because it is among the 20 biggest cryptos with a $7.65 billion market cap. It has overthrown some of its rivals, such as Shiba Inu and Dai. Currently, it boasts more than 95 million accounts and 3.2 billion transactions. Its current price in the market is $0.080650.  

This blockchain was introduced in 2017 to help digital content creators fully own their products and services. For example, it has done a project to encourage consumers of digital content to reward the content creators directly without the use of a third party. Currently, the project has its decentralized blockchain with smart contract functionality and dApp.

Tron is the best crypto to buy in a Bear market


Polygon, also known as MATIC, is a layer-2 scalability network. It allows users to transact quickly and provides several scalability options. Currently, it has six alternatives, with Polygon Zero being the most recent one. This network stirred the crypto community, so it is a crypto that will skyrocket the industry. 

In December 2021, zk Summit,  a global zero-technology conference was hosted. The technology allows users to transact privately as they reduce the CPU power needed to validate data. During this meeting, Polygon launched the zk technology, one of the industry’s prominent scaling techniques.  

Polygon is on of the best crypto to buy in a bear market


Even though Flux is one of the smallest cryptos in the bear market, it expects to blow the industry by 2022. Besides, the Web 3.0 savvy social media population is also growing and attracting more investors. The Flux ecosystem facilitates FluxOS, apps, FluxNodes and Zelcore. The Flux Nodes link users with services, while the FluxOS operating system runs decentralized web services on the blockchain network. This network is one of the fastest despite the location of the user. 

Besides, you will have access to Zelcore, a native crypto wallet with the support of more than 275 wallets. You can download it on your Android or iOS device and use its built-in features. Some of the exciting features are CoinRequest, quick-swap exchanges, and WalletConnect.   

Flux is a new crypto that is good to buy in a bear market


Monero is another crypto that will skyrocket the bear market. Even though it has experienced some losses in the past, there are fewer than its rivals. Besides, it uses various privacy-enhancing technologies to allow you to transact without revealing your details. All you need to do is to download the Monero wallet. 

Monero is one of the more well-known crypto ,best for a bear market


In the cryptocurrency industry, prices go down from time to time but the number of people adopting this technology keeps going high. Besides, most cryptos fluctuate for a period and then find their footing in the bear market. Therefore, it is crucial to know which crypto to buy now because you will make profits in the coming months. A good example of a crypto that will skyrocket in the industry soon is EverGrow. Besides, Ethereum, Flux, and Monero are also promising. Therefore, you can choose one today and enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency investment.  




Last updated by Jen Van Lier on July 4, 2022

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