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Sports Betting Terminology To Make Informed Bets

Sports Betting Terminology To Make Informed Bets

A market that has shown great perseverance through the growth of online technology is gambling, with sports betting taking a front-row seat. The activity’s enjoyment is thanks to its fast-paced and high rewards aspects. 

Sports is a highly social activity, and whether you watch it or participate, it provides a level of comradery. Players have gravitated online to get a piece of the action, which offers unlimited access to all the best betting opportunities. 

Top Sports Games To Bet On

Football and soccer have gained the most attention and backing over the years of online sports betting. Both with huge spectatorship, these sports have quickly dominated the industry offering online gamblers a constant supply of winnings and rewards. 

Use the sports betting terminology below to help take control of your betting experience and hopefully pocket a win. 

sports betting terminology

The Benefit of Sports Betting Terminology

Like any niche, some terms and actions are unique to the activity. In sports betting, knowing the terminology and actions is the difference between a successful session and a loss. 

By learning the industry’s terminology, you will not only up your chances of pocketing a win, but you will also enjoy activities far more. 

Top Sports Betting Terminology

The sports betting industry is growing fast, and if you want to get your foot in the door, now is your chance. Bookmark the Bitcoin Strips’ all-encompassing sports betting terminology guide and start today! 

Action: A bet or wager

Against the spread: Results of a sports match/game that includes point spread

Bad beat: A bet/ wager that appears will be won by the bettor but is not

Buck/ Dollar: A bet of $100

Chalk: A significant favorite in a game, whether a whole team or a specific player 

Consensus: A figure that represents all bets on an event displayed in a percentage form. Often this figure helps bettors decide their wager, with some players favoring the idea of going against the ‘public money.’

Cover: A cover is a result of a point spread bet. To win a point spread bet, bettors must win by a number higher than the allocated spread

Dime: A bet over $1,000

Edge: Edge is the advantage a sports bettor has before the bet is placed

Even/ Even Money: A bet of $100 winning a return of $100

Favorite: The favored team/ player to take home the win

Future Bets: These are bets that will unfold further in the future. An example would be placing a bet on an overall division or the outcome of a championship in advance 

Handle: The entire value of money wagered on a game/match

Handicapping: Research of sports games/players’ statistics to help pick a winner

Hedging: The act of hedging is to bet opposite to previous bets. This is usually done if previous bets have been lost and players are looking for a small profit

Hook: A half-point in a spread 

In-Game Wagering: Bets placed after a game/match has kicked off

Juice: Juice is the commission earned by the books on each bet 

Limit: This refers to the maximum allowed wager for a single bet. They can vary, depending on the sportsbook 

Lock: The overall favorite

Long Shot: The team that is considered the underdog

Moneyline bet: Refers to an outright win or loss, with no point spread involved

Nickel: A bet amount of $500

No Action: A cancelled game/event results in refunding all wagers

Oddsmaker: The opening line which is set on a game by a bettor

Off The Board: A game that is not accessible to be wagered on

Over: When the joined score of two teams is more than what was set by the sportsbook 

Although this is not all the sports betting terminology, it covers much of what you need to know to enhance your online action further. For more sports betting terminology, stick around for the part two guide. 

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Pick A Platform At The Bitcoin Strip And Get Started

The next step to implementing your sports betting experience is picking the platform best for you from our list of partners. Luckily for you, the Bitcoin Strip has a site loaded with all the best online Bitcoin casino experiences. From bonuses to betting options, the guides on our site will have you coming back for more! 

Currently, the top sportsbooks online are:

Rack Up Your Wagers With A Win

Get involved in the sports betting industry by making your next move here at The Bitcoin Strip. Take your pick from the top betting platforms and enjoy all there is to offer! 


Last updated by Jen Van Lier on August 11, 2022

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