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Questions to Ask Before Signing up to a Bitcoin Casino

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Questions To Ask Before Signing Up To A Bitcoin Casino

Bitcoin casinos are a new and exciting phenomenon that may elicit a bag of emotions when you are thinking of getting started.

On one hand, they open up a whole new world of possibilities in games, payments, transparency and more. But on the other hand, there are so many options available and choosing ‘the one’ may seem daunting.

In order to minimize the possibility of nasty surprises, we have compiled a number of questions that you need to consider before signing up. These will help you assess both the credibility and suitability of a Bitcoin casino before signing up and depositing funds.

Read on to ease your dilemma, narrow down your list of good casinos and optimize the benefits of gambling at a Bitcoin casino.

Questions To Ask Before Signing Up To A Bitcoin Casino

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  1. Contents
  2. Introduction
  3. Safety
    1. Is the casino regulated and where?
    2. Can I play at the casino from my country?
    3. Is the casino well-reviewed?
    4. Do I need to consider self-exclusion rules?
  4. Banking
    1. Does the casino allow for Bitcoin withdrawals?
    2. Are Bitcoin deposits converted to “chips” or another currency?
  5. Games
    1. Are any of the games provably fair?
    2. What games can be played?
  6. Closing Thoughts

Questions To Ask Before Signing Up To A Bitcoin Casino


When playing at an online casino, you need to prioritize safety. How do you ensure that your choice of casino is legitimate?

Consider the following questions below.

Is the casino regulated and where?

One of the most reliable safety nets when gambling is doing so at a regulated casino. Generally speaking, regulated and licensed casino operators are more trustworthy than unlicensed ones. They have to meet certain requirements so as to qualify for licensing. One of the primary requirements is putting in place measures that can help guarantee user protection.

At the same time, you need to know that not all regulators are equal. Some are known for their leniency while others have a stringent set of rules for casinos to adhere to before getting their licenses. The more stringent a regulator, the higher the level of protection you can expect.

To illustrate, a casino that holds a UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) license offers a higher measure of safety than one holding a Curacao eGaming license. Find out whether a casino is regulated and by whom by checking the footer of the casino’s homepage. Most operators display their licensing certificates here.

Can I play at the casino from my country?

Different casinos have varying lists of restricted countries. However, a majority of Bitcoin casinos may not ask your country of residence during the signup process. While you may succeed in signing up and using the service, it poses a risk.

For instance, some users have had their accounts closed without warning because of signing up from a restricted country. When this happens, the casino may freeze your funds and you would have no legal recourse. To avoid such an eventuality, always check that the casino you want to start using accepts players from your country.

Here at, we only show casinos available in your region and can help you identify viable casino sites. If you are from the US, check this list of our most recommended US-friendly casinos.

Is the casino well-reviewed?

It is not always easy to know a casino’s trustworthiness and legitimacy firsthand before you get a big win and want to cash out. There have been plenty of incidences where a casino refuses to make a payout, citing a list of excuses. These may range from software glitches, ridiculous withdrawal limits and lots of other stalling tactics.

Fortunately, in today’s internet age, you do not have to shave such a nasty experience before you can learn about a casino’s reputation. Take some time to read reviews from players who have interacted with your chosen Bitcoin casino.

You can read reliable reviews on Bitcoin casino review sites like as well as Bitcointalk threads and casino community chats among other places. Be wary of casinos that have multiple complaints about the confiscation of funds and cashout problems of whatever sort.

Do I need to consider self-exclusion rules?

Bitcoin casinos have different measures in place to help their players practice responsible gambling. However, not all of them offer good support here.

Some include a webpage on responsible gambling explaining what it entails and how to get help should you need it. Others simply have links to websites that offer support to gamblers.

It’s highly recommended that you sign on a casino that has self-exclusion provisions. These allow players to take proactive measures to keep their gambling in check. These may include time and deposit limits as well as periodic breaks from gambling.

Questions To Ask Before Signing Up To A Bitcoin Casino
Crypto Banking

When it comes to payment and banking solutions, you need a casino that caters to your individual preferences. At the same time, it should offer a solution that suits your gaming style.

Does the casino allow for Bitcoin withdrawals?

When playing at a Bitcoin casino, you may assume that you will automatically get your payouts in BTC. Be careful though! Some Bitcoin casinos do not actually allow you to make a BTC withdrawal.

Before you make your first deposit, take a moment to check the payment terms. Find out the supported payment methods as well as the limits. You may get this information under the FAQ section or terms and conditions.

Are Bitcoin deposits converted to “chips” or another currency?

Many players want to gamble with the volatility of Bitcoin. If you happen to be among them, then it is imperative to find out beforehand about a casino’s betting currency.
Some casinos accept Bitcoin deposits and then convert them into another currency or casino chips. Other casinos accept Bitcoin deposits and then make payouts in other currencies. Such conversions would ruin a perfect opportunity to take advantage of Bitcoin fluctuations and reap from ensuing gains.

Questions To Ask Before Signing Up To A Bitcoin Casino
Casino Games

Aside from the high potential to earn money, playing fun Bitcoin games is the other primary reason why you may be signing up for a casino account.

Considering how varied the casino games may be from one casino to the next, how do you get the perfect fit? Weigh your choice against the following questions:

Are any of the games provably fair?

One of the key advantages that come with playing at a Bitcoin casino is the possibility of using technology to your advantage. Provable fairness is among the most instrumental technologies that have revolutionized the gambling experience.

The technology essentially gives you the power to confirm that the house is not manipulating the odds in its own favor. It makes use of cryptographic algorithms to prove the randomness of results.

What games can be played?

Bitcoin casinos offer a wild and wonderful mix of games beyond the obvious. However, players’ tastes differ significantly and it is important to find the right fit for your needs. Admittedly, proprietary games from Stake and others may not be for everyone. This is especially true if you’re expecting traditional slots.

But if you are a fan of unique, extraordinary games, these new and innovative games might be right up your alley. For other players still, a bit of both worlds is more to their liking. The best part is that it’s highly likely that there is a casino out there that perfectly fits your gaming requirements. Find it now!

Questions To Ask Before Signing Up To A Bitcoin Casino
Closing Thoughts

Due to their innovative approach and obvious advantages over their traditional online casino counterparts, Bitcoin casinos are really flourishing. However, they present a new set of challenges for players to deal with.

In order to find your perfect spot, take time to assess your choice of casino against the above questions. Not only will this ensure a hassle-free gaming experience, but it will also eliminate unnecessary risks, allowing you to optimize the benefits of bitcoin gambling.

Last updated by Jen Van Lier on November 17, 2021

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