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How To Make Money As A Casino Streamer

How To Make Money As A Casino Streamer

Online careers have become commonplace, with most people moving to remote working when the pandemic hit in 2019. Even before then, online jobs and careers were possible, but the boom was further enhanced by people’s lockdown circumstances.

Another trend in the working field is young entrepreneurs who are using their impact to help market brands as well as themselves. These people are known as influences and have become a primary source for most brands to market themselves. 

Influences can focus on just about anything, and lately, one of the most lucrative ways is gaming and gambling. The best part about this way to make money online is that you, too, can get involved. Read on to learn some tips to make money as a casino streamer

How Influencer Marketing Works 

Influencer marketing is popular, even in the casino world, and recently making money as a streamer has become more profitable than ever before. The basis of influence marketing is brands getting influential content creators to promote a product to a niche market. In this case, it’s casino games or promotions to gamblers. 

In today’s world, marketing is tougher than ever before, with people’s attention being pulled in a million directions. Luckily for those interested in being a casino streamer, there is one main platform that dominates, and that is Twitch. Second to Twitch is YouTube.

Both YouTube and Twitch are video stream platforms that provide the perfect environment for the casino streamer market to blossom. 

Using influencer marketing is the way to make money being a casino streamer

How To Become A Casino Streamer

Casino streamers create a following by streaming regularly online while creating entertaining content for their views. As the channel builds, casino streamers will gain more interest in brand partnerships. 

Twitch works slightly differently from YouTube, with the ability to earn paid subscriptions. To gain paid subscriptions, casino streamers need to stream for a minimum of 25 hours spread over 12 days per month, which should be easy for those looking to pressure being a casino streamer. 

Other rules to gain and maintain a Twitch partnership is by following the points below:

  • Minimum of 50 followers over a 30-day period
  • Broadcast or stream for a minimum of 500 minutes or 8.5 hours per month. This time will need to be split over seven days in a monthly cycle.
  • You must average three or more concurrent viewers per stream.

Streamers should continuously work on building their following, and a great tool to utilize for this is social media. Social channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Discord are popular amongst casino streamers offering access to all possible target audiences. 

How to become a casino streamer is simple read this article tov find out how

Tips For Casino Streamers

  • Use high-quality streaming equipment
  • Test your equipment
  • Stream in a room with good lighting 
  • Show your streamers personality
  • Engage with your viewers
  • Play at top crypto casino sites like Roobet
  • Use social media like Facebook, Instagram, and Discord to grow your following. 

Why Is Being A Casino Streamer Profitable?

Casino gambling online has the potential to be profitable, especially if you have skill within your chosen games, and if you add in paid streaming, you are in for both an entertaining and high-earning career. 

With Twitch adding to those potential payouts through paid subscriptions, users with an average of 1,000 monthly subscribers can earn close to $2,500. These monthly earnings exclude affiliate commissions earned off your partnerships through casino sign-ups. 

Casino Streamers can make huge amounts of money

Popular Casino Streamers To Watch 

The web has thousands of casino streamers now, and if you look at Twitch alone, you could have hours’ worth of viewer time without needing to do much searching. Within the casino streamer world, there are a few which have been able to gain huge amounts of viewers, as well as sponsorships. 

Trainwreckstv – 1.7M Followers

Is one of the most watched Twitch streamers in the casino niche, with thousands of viewers hopping on every time he streams. The man behind the camera is Tyler Niknam, and in the past, he has been able to sign with some big names in the game.

trainwrecks is the highest paid casino streamer in the world

Roshtein – 853K Followers

Roshtein is a Swedish gambler, who started casino streaming back in 2015, now almost hitting a follower count of 1 MILLION! This year alone, Roshtein has accomplished plenty, with a whopping win of $9 million on the casino slot Wanted Dead Or Alive. 

Roshtein is a good example of how to make money as a casino streamer

Xposed – 440K Followers

Next on the list is Xposed, aka Cody Burnett, a 25-year-old Canadian streamer that shot his way to the top in 2017 when suddenly his viewership drastically increased thanks to his skill, charisma, and ability to keep viewers entertained. Xposed used to work alongside Roobet to host the bi-weekly RoobetLIVE Party, but recently transitioned to the site’s biggest rivals,

xposed is on of the money makers in the casino industry

Stream Yout Way To The Top

Making money online is easier than ever, and if you are gifted with charm, natural entertainment abilities, and the enjoyment of casino games, then being a casino streamer could be right up your alley. 


Last updated by Jen Van Lier on July 5, 2022

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As website manager, Jen contributes reviews and updates to The Bitcoin Strip on a daily basis. Jen worked in the casino industry for 9 years before focusing on Bitcoin in 2016. She writes on subjects ranging from traditional slots all the way through to unique Bitcoin games, provable fairness and Ethereum smart contract gambling.

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