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Betting On Ice Hockey Online

Betting On Ice Hockey Online

Ice hockey is a fast-paced, high-thrill sport that has attracted huge numbers of supporters in countries where it often snows. Some of the largest ice hockey markets are Canada, the USA and parts of Europe. 

The popularity saw a spike when online sportsbooks became popular, offering users convenience and rewards. Another shift that took place which drastically improved the ice hockey betting market is the legalization of online sports betting in Canada and the US. 

Today, there are thousands of sites to choose from, all offering ice hockey, among many other options. 

With the number of sports betting casinos found online, one would think it would be easy to find the perfect hockey betting site, but despite the variety, finding a quality one can be difficult. Luckily for you, The Bitcoin Strips team of experts have put in the hours to find you the perfect sites to shoot and score!  

Best Ice Hockey Teams In The World

Ice hockey is one of the wealthiest sports in the world, offering spectators huge entertainment. One of the biggest contributors to the success of the sport is the talent within its field. With that being said, here is a list of the best hockey teams worldwide:

  • Finland
  • Canada 
  • Russia
  • United States of America
  • Sweden

As the market grows, so does the demand for ice hockey betting sites, and here at The Bitcoin Strip, you will have access to all the best options, which are all listed further down. As for the best leagues and tournaments, here are the best ones: 

  • National Hockey League
  • Kontinental Hockey League
  • Swedish Hockey League
  • NCAA Ice Hockey Championship
  • International Ice hockey Federation Leagues 
  • American Hockey League.
ice hockey nations
Ice Hockey Nations

How The Game of Ice Hockey Works

Ice hockey is a fast-paced game, which is made up of two opposing teams, each consisting of 6 teammates and a few subs. The 6 players are made up of 5 outfield players and one goalie. In order to score a goal, the team will need to shoot their shot, landing the hockey puck in the goal. 

An ice hockey game is 60 minutes, divided into three 20-minute periods. Each period kicks off with a ‘face-off’ which is two opposing players doing their part to gain possession of the puck. Once the game gets started, there are many rules that come into play. Be sure to back the team that has the best odds. 

Most Popular Ice Hockey Betting Options

Just like any sport one can bet on, there is a range of betting types that are rated top options. This is often due to the odds the bet holds or its winning potential. Take note of the list below of the best ice hockey betting types to make use of in your next session. 

Top Online Ice Hockey Betting Options

  • Moneyline

A Moneyline bet is a wager placed on the winner of the game. This is by far the most straightforward ice hockey betting option and is often favored amongst beginners. 

  • Over/Under Markets

Over/Under market bets are often most played amongst seasoned bettors, with knowledge of the sport and team needed to ensure quality odds/. These bets are wagers on the prediction of a team’s performance. 

  • Puckline Betting

Made clear by the bet type, this wager option is unique to ice hockey betting and is one of the most popular spread bets in the industry. Players will need to place numbers on the favorite and the underdog to participate in the bet. The Puckline betting method is recommended to experienced sports bettors. 

  • Ice hockey Accumulators

This bet requires players to be invested in the results of more than just one game, but rather a series or season. Ice hockey accumulators are bets that involve betting on the outcome of multiple games and often result in big payouts. 

  • The “Grand Salami”

Another betting option unique to ice hockey, the grand salami, is a betting option that requires players to bet on the total number of goals scored collectively over a number of games. 

ice hocky bet

Best Online Ice Hockey Betting Sites 

Many Bitcoin casinos offer sportsbooks, with more specialized sites offering ice hockey. To help you make the first move, here is a list of the top ice hockey betting sites to get started. Each of the ice hockey sites listed below is quality, licensed, and large betting options. 

Score Big Wins With Ice Hockey Betting Online

Ice hockey is continuing to gain in popularity, and as the market grows, sports bettors hold more chances of scoring big wins. To give yourself the best odds, it is recommended to try one of the ice hockey sites provided above; The Bitcoin Strip has reviewed each to ensure quality and reliability. 


Last updated by Jen Van Lier on September 1, 2022

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