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Best Real Money Betting Sites For The Olympics

Best Real Money Betting Sites For The Olympics

The day has come. The Olympics is here! Since the Rio Olympics that took place in 2016, there has been plenty of hype put on this event. With new sports coming into the Olympic playgrounds, sports spectators are in store for one exciting contest of all the best. 

With five more sporting events than ever before, the Olympics officially incorporates 33 different sporting options into this monumental event, which has become known as the biggest and most eccentric international multi-sport contest held.

The whole idea behind the Olympics is to celebrate and cultivate humans through the art of sports. With both a winter and a summer bout that takes place every four years, all the top athletes are able to take part to compete for their country and bring home gold medals while pushing their limits to become the best in their event.

The Olympics brings about more than just winning opportunities for the sportsman and women and for the sports enthusiasts that venture into the offer of gambling. Sportsbetting has been around for thousands of years. Still, whenever the Olympics comes around, the craze is triggered, and sports bettors come out of the woodwork to place their wagers and make the winnings they have been seeking while enjoying the stakes of the biggest sports event in the world. 

With such high stakes around the winnings, it’s always best to give yourself the upper hand by placing your wagers at only the most efficient and enjoyable real money Olympic sports betting sites. Look no further because The Bitcoin Strip has you covered, with a list of the top options to keep you on the Olympic podium.

Real Bitcoin betting for 2021 olympics

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic: Sportsbetting At A Real Money Betting

In a few short hours, the Olympics will be in action, and the fun all starts with an opening ceremony that has become just as part of the event as any of the sporting fixtures, setting the scene for the historical events about to take place with potential records to be broken and athlete personal best broken.

Starting n the 23rd of July and ending on the 4th of August, sports bettors have just over two weeks to place their bets on over 300 different medal events. This amount of events could seem overwhelming for gamblers, but backed by a top real money Olympic sports betting site, bettors will have all they need to achieve the finish they have been after. 

By joining in on the online gambling side of things, bettors are able to take up all the opportunities they can without ever missing a beat. With access via any internet-connected device, real money Olympic sports betting sites are the perfect option for any sports enthusiast. 

betting on the tokyo olympics 2021

What Are Top Sports At The Olympics

Everything has its front runner, and at the Olympics, there are events that reign above the rest when it comes to spectatorship and participation in betting. From the most-watched events to the most bet on events, we have it all! 

Now for some pointers to get you on track. When it comes to the Olympic games, there are many events that hold a considerable amount of viewers, but out of all 33 events taking place, the most-watched sports at the Olympics are gymnastics, swimming, and track.

With the pandemic as a factor this time around, its no denying that the 32nd Olympics will be unique in its ways, creating an environment some could flop in while others could catapult t the top. One of the most significant elements of excitement for the Olympics is for the athletes to rack up gold medals to make their country the overall winners of the events. 

To help you see where each country stands, here is a table with the Olympic medals for the countries that are currently holding the top three positions for the most overall medals. 

Country  Gold Silver Bronze Total Olympic medals
The United States Of America 1127 907 793 2827
The United Kingdom 274 299 310 883
Germany 283 282 290 855

Best Real Money Olympic Sports Betting Sites

Kowing all these facts holds no point without the opportunity to utilize them! Take all you have learned about real money Olympic sports betting sites, and get started raking in your rewards. With an easy-to-use and dynamic betting site, gamblers will be able to take up every way to win without ever missing a beat. Without further ado, here are the best real money Olympic sports betting sites.

It’s Time To Head To The Olympics

The above recommended real money Olympic sports betting sites cater to a wide range of players, with an option for all players ranging from nationality to interest. The best part about the above sports betting sites is that they all are Bitcoin casinos, allowing crypto gamblers to take reign. Take your pick and watch the events unfold! The Olympics is undeniably the most-watched event, and with your money in it, the stakes just got higher!

Last updated by Jen Van Lier on September 28, 2021

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