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A Guide To Getting Started Gambling Online

A Guide To Getting Started Gambling Online

The gambling industry is enjoyed by many, and whether you realize it or not, it’s likely that you have already taken part in the fun. From buying lottery tickets to spinning reels, the Bitcoin online gambling industry is far more encompassing than what one may think. 

For those still looking at getting started, the steps are easy, and with some tips of the trade, we are sure you will take your winning from zero to hero in just a couple of sessions. 

Starting Your Online Casino Expedition 

The first step to starting your online casino adventure is picking a platform, followed by fame, currency and bonuses. But before we jump the gun, let’s point out some key factors of a successful online Bitcoin casino. 


When it comes to money, it is not worth making any move you are not certain about, and legitimacy is essential when picking a Bitcoin casino to gamble at. A great way to determine whether a Bitcoin casino is legit is by taking note of its licensing. The online Bitcoin casino licenses options include:


A great way to tell whether a casino is worth playing at is by taking your time to read some gambler reviews of the site in question. A quality Bitcoin casino will have both expert and player reviews that are of a positive nature. An excellent place to find expert casino reviews of top-performing Bitcoin gambling sites is The Bitcoin Strip, which adds new options to the list regularly. 

Return To Player Rate Or House Edge

An excellent way to judge the profitability of a Bitcoin casino is to pay attention to the return to player (RTP) rate or house edge the site provides. 

Game Choice

The game variety at a casino can also pre-determine the chances of success of the site. A more diverse gambling site, often holds a higher chance of achievement. Most Bitcoin casino sites today offer slots, table games, and live dealer titles. For those looking for a completely hybrid experience, try out a gambling platform with both casino and sports betting options; a great example of this is Roobet or BC GAME

Site Design And Mobile Play

No site is successful without a soundproof design and mobile accessibility, and Bitcoin casinos are no different. When picking a gambling site, it is essential to take into consideration the functionality and accessibility of the site. If both boxes are ticked, you may have just found a casino worth considering! 

Mobile play is one of the main reasons online BTC casinos have grown so big

Tip To Gambling At A Bitcoin Casino

  • Ensure the site you choose holds a good reputation amongst other online players.
  • Set aside a budget for your gamble
  • Prepare to lose. Gambling never guarantees wins, and whether it be one or multiple rounds, gamblers need to bear in mind that losing from time to time is a given. 
  • Gain an understanding of the rules of the game before making any costly mistakes that could drastically affect your budget 
  • Pay attention to games that offer a low house edge to increase your chance of a win. Good games to try are table games, video poker, or poker
  • Never chase your losses.
  • Allow for a change in virtual scenery by signing up to 2 or 3 top Bitcoin casinos. This will give gamblers more games to play, promotions to take part in, and increase your chances of winning. 
  • Don’t always max your budget. It’s always good to quit while you’re ahead. 
  • Only play at licensed Bitcoin casino sites. 
  • Gain knowledge on your favored games by joining online communities like forums. 
  • Playing demo or free mode is a great way to get the hang of the game and learn the ropes. 

Top tips on gambling at an online BTC casino

How to Deposit at an Online Bitcoin Casino

Now that you have picked your casino to play at, the first step to taking home your piece of the pie is signing up and crediting your account with a balance. Although there is the option of free play to get you started, gamblers can’t withdraw the winnings. 

To make sure crediting your account is a simple process, here are steps on how to deposit at an online Bitcoin casino

  • Log in to your preferred Bitcoin casino site
  • Visit the cashier
  • Select your preferred crypto banking method
  • Enter the relevant payment details
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit.

How to depsoit at a Bitcoin Casino is as easy as at a fiat casino

Start Your Online Bitcoin Casino Career Today! 

Entertainment is easier to get your hands on than ever before, and with online casinos now a possibility, users can combine both fun and rewards into one experience. You can start your online Bitcoin casino career today by signing up with any one of the gambling sites listed on The Bitcoin Strip.

Last updated by Jen Van Lier on March 21, 2022

About the editor

As website manager, Jen contributes reviews and updates to The Bitcoin Strip on a daily basis. Jen worked in the casino industry for 9 years before focusing on Bitcoin in 2016. She writes on subjects ranging from traditional slots all the way through to unique Bitcoin games, provable fairness and Ethereum smart contract gambling.

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