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Sportsbetting: A Guide To Greatness

Sportsbetting: A Guide To Greatness

The truth is, many of us have had the dream to be a professional sportsman, or at some stage, looked up to one of the legends themselves. Still, the truth of the matter is that only a small percentage of people hold the potential and capability to become a high-paid sportsman. There are sports betting options for those who need to redirect their focus on a more realistic reality, which allow people to take a step onto the sidelines and back their favorite players and sports, anytime, anywhere!

To give you a clear path to success, The Bitcoin Strips sports betting guide will provide you with all the basics to winning big and betting your bank balance. Learn more about all things sports betting, including how to understand odds, budgeting your bankroll, terminology, and how to get the most out of every wager. 

The History Of Sportsbetting

Sportsbetting is an activity that allows people the chance to indulge in a thrill while still having the opportunity to back their favorite sportsman. Originally dating back to the times of the Romans, sports betting came about through wagering on the outcome of chariot races or gladiator fights. With no forms of televisions or radios, those who participated in the betting had to take part in the action on the sidelines of the game. Its only thousands of years later, in the 18th century, did other advanced countries such as the US, New Zealand, and Canada being to partake  at a recognizable level.

Sports betting brings a higher level of risk and rewards to the enjoyment of sports, which increases the level of competition, and one of the biggest concerns for all involved is that adding wagering to an already dog-eat-dog environment will ruin the competitive nature of sports with greed.

To keep all activities tidy, many countries implemented regulations. These laws were designed to reign in what appeared to be an emerging industry, but the pace only picked up again many years later, when the internet became a reality.

 The internet undoubtedly gave sports betting the boost it needed, bringing it back onto the map. With the ease of accessibility provided by the internet, players are now able to partake in all the fun no matter where in the world they are located. 

The histry if sportsbetting goes back to the beginning of time

The Rules To Winning: Terminology, Odds, And Many Other Aspects

The sports betting world has expanded drastically, and with the option of both land-based and online gambling, the size market is considerable. If you haven’t yet got involved or missed the bus on how things work, then worry not because we have all the answers you need. 

From an explanation of what odds are, to the commonly used terminology in the industry, this sports betting guide has all the information you need to jump the hurdles and bring home a win.

What Are Odds And What Makes Them Important

Odds is a term used in sports bettings and other forms of gambling to allow the player to gauge the risk of the wager. Once you understand what odds are, you will better understand how likely an event is to happen and what winning potential that wager holds. 

Clearly explained in this sports betting guide, odds are a ratio that provides the gambler with information such as the amount wagered by gamblers to a bet. For example, if odds are 3:1, this means that party A has wagered three times more than party B. In this case, party A would be the bookie, and party B would be the player. 

 As you can now see, odds are a crucial part of any sports betting fun, giving insight into the potential outcome the wager could provide. The importance of odds is unmeasurable, and without them, gamblers would be going in blind to all bets. 

Take-Home A Try By Learning The Terminology Of Sports Betting

Sports betting includes pretty much any sport that allows enthusiasts to predict the outcome, score, or even individual players. Depending on the sport chosen, there are many different rules and words to learn. In this sports betting guide, we are going to give you a crash course on the primary sports betting terminology to help you take home a try! 


An accumulator is when a sports bettor takes part in a series of bets in one wager. For it to be successful, all wagers are required to win. This means that if one of your bets is incorrect, then you will not receive winnings from any of the bets. 

Betting Exchange

A betting exchange is similar to a sportsbook, but you will be wagering against a house instead of wagering against fellow sports bettors. A betting exchange will take a portion of the winnings from any successful bets made through the site.


The term chalk refers to the favorite team of the event. When a team is called the chalk team, this implies that the team is expected to win by a long shot. 

Early Cash Out

Every gambler needs a break from time to time, and an early cash-out is a perfect way. Cash in early and make a small profit before the outcome of the bet is revealed.


The edge is the advantage a gambler has against the sportsbook in question. 

ITs important t know the rules and terminology in spots betting to win

The Best Sports Betting Sites

Are you ready to take the spotlight and become the next man of the match in your favorite sport? Well, it’s time to take the field and score your winning goal by signing up for some of the best sportsbooks on the internet. With a proven track record, each of the recommend platforms that have made it onto the list of the best sports betting sites all hold a unique flair, with trusted and rewarding betting options, s well as a rich selection of casino bonuses. 

  • Roobet 

Roobet is crypto’s fastest-growing gambling site, and now with the addition of the sportsbook, this Bitcoin casino holds the possibility of being one of the greats. The betting options are extensive and include sports, virtual, and esports, all with the capacity to provide live-action. Take a peek at the Roobet review to get the scoop on the most competitive odds in the business. 

Roobet Bitcoin Casino

  • Thunderpick

Without a doubt, Betway is the most easily recognizable betting site on the internet. Partnering up with some of the industry giants, this sports betting site was able to put itself on the map in no time, building a reputation of pure perfection. Thunderpick is a sportsbook that lives and breathes efficiency, and if you are looking for the real deal sporting adventure, then look no further! 

Thunderpick Bitcoin Casino

  • Rocketpot

Aim for the moon and land amongst the stars with Rocketpot casinos fu- filled sports betting options. Fitted with a highly comprehensive selection of sports and bets, this online Bitcoin casino is focused on becoming the number one platform in the sports betting arena. 

RocketPot Bitcoin Casino

Let’s Take Home A Win

Sports betting is an industry that oozes competitiveness. With the possibility of rewards, it’s understandable why it’s become one of the most popular ways to bring home big bucks online. With plenty of online sportsbooks to choose from, gamblers have endless hours of entertainment on the cards. Take control of your sports enjoyment, and be sure to take some tips from The Bitcoin Strips sports betting guide to greatness.

Last updated by Jen Van Lier on November 4, 2021

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As website manager, Jen contributes reviews and updates to The Bitcoin Strip on a daily basis. Jen worked in the casino industry for 9 years before focusing on Bitcoin in 2016. She writes on subjects ranging from traditional slots all the way through to unique Bitcoin games, provable fairness and Ethereum smart contract gambling.

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